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Patients will often ask if combination procedures such as tummy tuck and breast surgery or liposuction are safe. The correct answer is really �it depends.� The most important factor is the facility where your surgery will be performed. Is it equipped for an overnight stay? Are the appropriately trained individuals present at all times to monitor patients for possible problems? Are there facilities to do any tests or procedures that may be needed after surgery?

The best facility to ensure that all patient needs can be met is a hospital that also has a convenient day surgery and overnight unit. This allows an easy entry and discharge from the facility, yet keeps available all the support facilities and staff if needed. The hospitals used by Dr. LoMonaco all feature a 24 hour on-call physician on the premises, plus 24 hour pharmacy, x-ray, and laboratory departments. Trained staff are present at all times.

Combination procedures are often more desirable for patients because this allows the patient to experience one down-time, one period of time off work, and one exposure to anesthesia. There are also cost savings associated with performing procedures in combination.