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The �On-Q� Pain Pump Increases Patient Comfort After Surgery

The On-Q pain pump is a revolutionary new approach to pain control after surgery. Patients who are expected to have discomfort for more than several days are good candidates for the device. The device consists of one or two tiny tubes (about the size of angel hair pasta!) that exit the skin near the surgery incision. They automatically deliver a continuous flow of anesthetic to the surgery site. This provides a numbing effect for up to three days.

The pumps are most effective for patient undergoing abdominoplasty, who are expected to be sore for several days after their procedures. The medication does not cause drowsiness or other side effects that can be seen with oral pain medications (like stomach upset, drowsiness, and constipation). After the medication has run out, the pumps are painlessly removed in the office.

For most patienst, the pumps lessen the amount of pain medication a person must take. All patuiensta restill give prescription pain emdication they may take as needed. Ensuring the comfort of evety patients is a big priority at Dr LoMonaco's office,a nd the On-Q system is an important tool in helping achioeve that goal.